We’re Experts in Providing Security Shutters


Out of hours protection is vital for your company. That’s why we believe that our electrical security shutters are so important to businesses across the UK. At AGI Architectural Fabrication LTD, we provide shutters to protect you, your business, and your products. Get something unique from our team of architects and add aesthetics alongside security.

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Blanket Coverage for Your Company

To be completely covered, solid shutters are the best thing available. Whatever the size of your premises, we’re able to make it much more secure. We offer sectional overhead doors, which play a vital role in your security plan. As well as protecting your premises, they are also space-efficient once they’ve been engaged. If you’re looking to show off your stock a little bit more, then our grill shutters may be perfect for you.

Lots of Features to Choose From

As with all of our products, the range of choice is excellent. Whether you want a specific colour, a certain motor, or a pin and floor lock, we’re able to provide you with it. Each motor that was use is stamped with the relevant CE and TUV trademarks, proving that you’re getting the best components. Our passionate team of experts is here to serve you, and we can’t wait to see what you decide on.