The Best Selling Security Roller Door


These perforated security roller doors offer you maximum protection, while still effectively showcasing your products. The small holes in the product mean that you’re practically getting see-through shutters, without losing any durability. These are particularly popular on high streets, and AGI Architecture Fabrication LTD has provided this product to a range of companies.

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Fully Personalised Shutters

As with all of our shutters, you’re able to have this perforated product coloured with any RAL finish. You’re able to use this to match company colours, or even to compliment the window display behind it. Let us provide you with an amazing product that perfectly matches you and your company.

Complete Control

Most of our perforated shutters are operated using an electric tubular motor, which is supplied with either a key switch or remote control unit. This allows you to have control over how you secure your premises, whether it’s the entrance to your store, or the windows.