Roller Shutters to Secure Your Stock


Roller shutters may be better for more visual companies, as they allow you to show off your products while still keeping them secure. This is due to the gaps in the shutter, which allow light from your window display to shine through. These shutter doors are available to install internally and externally, giving you complete control over the protection that you have.

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Customisable Protection

Even though the primary job of these security grills is to protect, there’s no reason that they should be boring. Our experts are able to colour the shutters however you’d like, meaning that your window display may end up more stylish than when it wasn’t protected. With 70% more exposure than a solid shutter, your products are guaranteed to still shine through. Our only product with more exposure is a perforated shutter.

Complete Control

The grill shutters that we install are remote-controllable. This adds to your personal safety, as you don’t stand outside the store and wait while the shutter goes down. It’s the little things like this which have given former customers confidence in the products that we provide.