Security Doors to Protect Your Company’s Entrance


At AGI Architecture Fabrication LTD, we are experts in security solutions. Our sliding doors are just one of the ways that we bolster your safety. The security door is made of the finest materials, and is designed so that it stands up to whatever is thrown at it. We’ve provided these solutions to showrooms and high-street stores, and we’d love to serve you in the same way.

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Custom-Built Security

All entrance door systems are custom-made to suit your individual requirements and specifications. This ensures that you’re getting what you need, and that your company is completely protected. Each one is available in single or double leaf configuration, and you’re able to make this choice depending on your business.

The Best Materials

These products are computer-designed, and constructed using high-grade extruded aluminium profiled sections. Each system is specifically designed and hand-built for use in busy environments, and we’re confident that it’ll be perfect for your company.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

These doors work perfectly alongside our range of shutters. A solid shutter is great for protecting your windows, and one of these doors completes that impenetrable layer of security.