Show Off Your Products with Secure Shop Windows


The toughened glass we use ensures that your shop window’s displays are as safe as they are stylish. We have a range of options to choose from, and these products are tailored to your exact specifications. Frameless windows from AGI Architectural Fabrication LTD are some of the most modern around, and we believe that they’re the best way for a customer to view a product. Whether you sell furniture or designer clothes, these windows are an excellent investment.

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Options Perfect for You

There are a range of options available, and this means that you’re able to get something perfect for you. The thickness of our glass is available from 4mm up to 19mm for maximum protection. We also offer tints, colouring options, and graphics, giving you a completely bespoke shop front. Choose from etched, tinted, or sand-blasted glass, depending on what your company’s requirements are.

Add Contemporary Style to Your Company

The modern frameless windows that we offer are a great way to update the aesthetics of your company. Whether you’re planning on a complete overhaul, or you want to create juxtaposition with our timber products, these windows are truly eye-catching.